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Foster Andersen
Shared Adventures Founder/President

Foster has been running the Shared Adventures program in Santa Cruz for the past 21 years. Moving here after the earthquake in 1990, he wanted to help fix a broken community. After arriving he enrolled in a computer graphics drafting program at Cabrillo College where he finished in 1992. While attending school he had been involved as a community leader with the independent living center, was a board member for the commission of disabilities and after graduating got a job in his field of study in Los Gatos as a computer graphic drafter. After 6 months as computer graphics drafter he realized it was not the career he wanted to settle for and decided to start the Shared Adventures program on the west coast. While attending the physical education class at Cabrillo, Terry Simms and a group of surfers asked if anyone wanted to go surfing; this was his queue to establish a board of directors and get the organization off the ground. In 1994, Shared Adventures became a nonprofit 501 c3.

Foster has also been involved with numerous other nonprofits in the Berkeley area, where he lived for three years after moving to California in 1987. He grew up in Rochester, NY where helped co-found Shared Adventures with a sit ski program in 1985. He has multiple engineering degrees in mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, and computer graphics drafting. He is also the inventor of a patented Frisbee you can throw with your thumb, called the Quad-bee, that has sold over 500 all over the world. Now serving on the In home support service commission for the last 6 years, he is continuously getting involved with community affairs and helping out the special needs community.