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Camp Adventures 2017: August 15th-18th

What is Camp Adventures?

Camp Adventures is an overnight, 4-day summer camp designed for children with special needs to attend with their families or caretakers. The Camp is held at Camp Arroyo in Livermore, CA

Does a parent or guardian need to attend Camp Adventures?

A parent, guardian, or care-giver must be present and care for any children during camp. Camp Counselors do attend camp. Their job is to host activities and ensure over-all camp is running smoothly. If a child must be temporarily cared for, the parent or guardian most approve this time with the Camp Director first.

Who can attend Camp Adventures? And who cannot?

Family members of any kind are invited to attend Camp Adventures. Grandparents, siblings, cousins, uncles, etc. are all invited. We do limit the age to no younger than 5 years of age. There is also a limit of 6 people per group.

Does Camp Adventures provide food? What about food allergies?

Camp Arroyo has a full service dining hall that can accomodate all food allergies. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks throughout the day are provided to all campers, with individual plates for those with allergies. We ask that outside food is not brought into Camp Arroyo because so many of our campers have very sensitive allergies. If you must bring food or beverages into camp, they need to be checked in with the Camp Nurse and kept in the infirmary. Please contact Shared Adventures if you have more qustions regarding food allergies at Camp Adventures.

What are sleeping arrangements?

Camp Arroyo has 12 fully accessible, modern cabins on site. Each cabin has 6 bunk beds (12 beds total) and 1 accessible bathroom and shower. Families will be sharing these cabins with other families at camp. If you or a family member has special sleep-time needs or requires a bottom bunk because of their special need, please provide information on the registration form. You are responsible for providing your own bedding, and keeping your cabin and it's bathroom clean throughout your time at camp.

What activities will be provided at Camp Adventures?

Camp Adventures will jam-packed with activities throughout the days at Camp Adventures. Every year is a little different. In the past, we have provided Archery, Rock Climbing, a Ropes Course, Zip-Line, Pool Time, Horseback Riding, Boating at Lake Del Valle, Music Therapy, Arts & Crafts, Camp Fire with S'mores and Entertainment, Bounce Houses, Talent Show, and Lawn Games. The Camp will be split into two teams, giving everyone the opportunity to explore each activity. Families are required to stay with their teams during specific activities. There will also be free time for families to choose if they'd like to participate in an activity, or spend time relaxing.

How do I get to camp?

Each family is responsible for their own transportation to camp. During registration, families may check if they either need transportation, or are able to provide transportation. Shared Adventures will do our best to make car pool arrangements for families that are unable to drive themselves.

Do you provide Scholarships and how can I request one?

Camp registration is typically $50 per person for the 4-day camp. Shared Adventures would like everyone to be able to participate in Camp Adventures regardless of income level. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please indicate so on the registration form. If you'd like to give more information about why you are in need of a scholarship, you may elaborate on the registration form. Scholarships for Camp Adventures are limited. In some cases, partial scholarships will be provided.

Any Restrictions?

Camp Arroyo has some basic rules that all camps, including Camp Adventures must follow. Not abiding by these rules will result in inability to participate in future years, so we are very strict on following these rules.
1. No abuse of any kind, including verbal, mental and physical will be tolerated.
2. No smoking of any kind is allowed at Camp Arroyo. Smoking is permitted off-campus in the parking lot across the street from our lower, main parking lot.
3. No drugs or alcohol are allowed at Camp Arroyo
4. No diving in the pool
5. Certified Service Dogs are welcome. No other pets or animals may attend.
6. Vandilizing Camp Arroyo property including, but not limited to, cabins, dining hall, equipment, landscaping, and pool areas are prohibited.
7. Children must be supervised at all times.
8. No misuse of the phones
9. No entering areas of designated as “off limits”.