Our sponsors make it possible for us to do what we do.

Shared Adventures has been creating opportunities for children and adults with disabilities since 1994. This would not be possible without our amazing sponsors. They are not just businesses and individuals, they are community members who are passionate about creating a more accessible and joyful world. We want to shout their names from a mountaintop, but we only have a website, so here they are!

Day On the Beach sponsorship opportunities

day on the beach autism and joy

Would you or your organization like to sponsor Day On the Beach?

It is the foundational event of the Shared Adventures program, where disabled individuals can participate in ocean sports such as kayaking, outrigger canoeing, surfing, and SCUBA diving, as well as cruising around the sand on beach wheelchairs.

The impact of this event is immense. Many people who have physical and mental challenges rarely have the chance to cross over the sand to the water. By offering this event in a safe, accessible environment individuals are able to forget any obstacles they may have. At Day on the Beach, they are free to enjoy the beauty of our coast from a new perspective and experience the unique sight and sound sensations that they would otherwise never know.

Day on the Beach is 100% FREE to Shared Adventures participants and their families/caregivers. Our sponsors often join us for the fun day. All sponsorships are tax deductible, acknowledged in our Day on the Beach publicity, and are greatly appreciated.

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