Thank you so much for your kind welcome of my grand-daughter Mira, my daughter Helen and I today at the archery range today. It is not often we have been so completely accepted and drawn into participatory activity…The archery built her self-confidence and she left feeling better about herself. Thank you for all the great things you have done for this community.
~ Mary

I was a participant in this year's day at the beach. I am a Navy veteran with what some say are hidden wounds…I want to thank you for bringing me back to life today as I was out on the kayak my tears leaked out…I was reminded of why I joined the Navy, my love of the ocean! Thanks to you and the volunteers that helped to reawaken that lost spirit/and reconnecting me to what I had buried long ago.
~ Pamela

I just wanted to express the gratitude of our veterans for being included in this event (Day on the Beach). It was meaningful and therapeutic to all of the veterans that I brought, and they all found the event very emotional (in a positive way) and something that they will always remember. It was the first recreational event that one veteran has attended since completing her cancer treatment, and although she did not have the strength to participate in the water sports you offered, I have since learned that it motivated her to begin getting back to her regular life activities and building up her strength doing the things she loves. As a staff member in the Recreational Therapy Service, I can truly appreciate the healing power of the Day at the Beach and wanted to convey gratitude on behalf of the veterans and staff from the VA Palo Alto Healthcare System.
~ Jeff, MA, Art Therapist

I would like to say that day in the sky was very rewarding to me as a pilot. I have never seen children so excited and grateful as during this day and I have flown many young eagles. The event was very well organized and all volunteers were helpful. I can hardly wait for next year and I will be there.

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