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outdoor adventures for people with disabilities

Volunteering is another way to join in the adventure: over a thousand volunteers have indispensable roles in making our events and activities happen and changing lives for people living with disabilities.

By volunteering, you’ll help bring unique recreational and social experiences to a community of people who might not otherwise have the resources to participate. Make a difference in people’s lives while—and by—doing the fun things you most enjoy! You’ll rediscover your chosen adventure anew, too, as you help people experience adventures beyond what they may have thought possible. Building a network—and a bridge—of connections and friendships between able-bodied and disabled individuals is of great benefit to communities, a way for all to share and build new confidence and skills.

Register or contact us to find out more—and if you aren’t sure what you’d like to volunteer for, we’d love to talk about your interests. Together, we’ll find a rewarding opportunity that’s perfect for you.

rock climbing
DotB volunteers

What adventure would you like to volunteer for?

Day on the Beach

Cynthia Welch is all smiles on Saturday as she is wheeled out of the water by volunteers Jeremy Orvik and Charlie Cooper after refreshing dip in the Monterey Bay during Shared Adventures annual Day on the Beach.  (Shmuel Thaler - Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Camp Adventures

camp adventures archery

Ongoing Events

paralympic skiing

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