Brain Injury Awareness Month

Welcome to March, the National Brain Injury Awareness month! We hope this finds you and yours in great health and are embracing invigorating ways to thrive.

Unfortunately, during the past 12 months both sports and recreational communities (youth to professional) have had to adjust their routine play or competition protocols due to Covid. With that being said and thanks to your support, OneHitAway Foundation has never been busier servicing athletes affected by the ill effects of sports related concussions. During this unusual time many athletes have been isolated, which has magnified the symptoms of their “invisible injury”. The OHA team understands the challenges associated with this situation and the impact it has on injured brains, thus our team is even more determined to assist those affected by sports related concussions.

Yes, having the resources to plant the vital seed for brain healing and future brain health is our daily goal for individual athletes and or teams. Let us all recognize the message of March. March is traditionally a month of optimism, which initiates spring sporting activities surrounded by sunshine and great health. Together we will continue our vital work!

All affected athletes deserve a healthier brain if given the choice and proper information. Please visit our website at:

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